LRS Connect - Cloud-based Reporting for LRS Paging and Table Tracker Products


LRS Connect offers online cloud-accessible reporting for LRS Paging and Table Tracker products. Report data is captured from Devices at Locations; therefore, reports are generated and displayed by location or multiple selected locations.

To Run Reports:

  • Log in to LRS Connect. Select your product (if applicable).
  • Click on the Reporting tab in the top navigation bar.

LRS Table Tracker Reporting
  • Select the desired report from the report title drop down, just underneath the top navigation bar.
  • Some reports offer the option to add several individual locations or Report Sets on the graph to compare metrics.
  • Use the date range to select the day, week, month, or custom date series to report in the graph.
  • Reports may be exported to a CSV file by selecting the Export icon in the upper right hand corner of the Reporting page.